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We design, produce and install all types of overhead, jib, gantry, portal and monorail cranes with specific requirements of customers.


All crane actions can be driven by electric motors, a crane can be operated with a pendant control buttons or wireless radio remote control.

Frequency speed regulator enable fine speed control of operations, reduces electricity consumption, reduces brake wear, improves crane handling and the drive becomes much quieter.

According to the needs we design, produce and install crane tracks and supporting columns of the steel structure as well as all types of rails.

In crane production and modernization we install equipment of high quality producers (STAHL, COMEGE, AUTEC, DEMAG, MISIA, VERLINDE, VULKAN-NOVA, GIS, SIEMENS, KONČAR, SHRACK, CONTROL TECHNIQUES etc.).

We are COMEGE dealers - French leader for jib cranes, gantry cranes and spreader beams.

Crane Equipment

A) Power Suply Systems

  • - cable lines
  • - slip lines
  • - cable cylinders
  • - rotary stripper

B) Crane Control Systems

  • - pendant control buttons
  • - wireless radio remote control
  • - control cabin

C) Electrical Equipment

  • - electrical cabinets
  • - end switches
  • - limiters

D) Mechanical Equipment

  • - hooks, wheels, pulleys, sprockets, etc.

E) Lifting Equipment

  • - wire ropes, slings, polyester tape, etc.

Besides the production of cranes we can also offer:

Comprehensive service and repair of all crane types, as well as provide spare parts.

Replacement of electrical equipment, installation of frequency inverters and the reconstruction of the driving and lifting drives.

Instaling devices against overload and digital dynamo-meter.

Modification the way of control, from standard to wireless radio remote control or combined.

Reconstruction of power supply lines and the crane tracks.