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Aqualifter is fully automated and adaptable to all users and their needs.

Aqualifter Krk Elektro-tehnika-1


Aqualifter Murter Elektro-tehnika-1


Aqualifter 12 Elektro-tehnika-1


Aqualifter 11 Elektro-tehnika-1


Aqualifter 10 Elektro-tehnika-1


What is Aqualifter?

Aqualifter is the elevator that people with disabilities, in a safe manner, achieves a simple and independent entry into the water.

Aqualifter is a Croatian product which is a result of experience in the field of crane techniques and electric automation.

Primal goal of AQUALIFTER is to ensure safe and effortless access into the water for disabled people.

Second goal of AQUALIFTER is to enable independently access into the water for disabled people that means without personnel intervention and help.

Aqualifter is completely automated and adjusted to user that provides a simple entry into the water with minimal effort and maximum security.

Watch the Aqualifter presentation in video and PDF format.

At international exhibitions of innovations we received the following awards

ARCA 2007 Zagreb – Bronze medal

ARCA 2007 Zagreb – Special recognition of Romania Ministry of Science

INVENTIKA 2007 Bukurešt – Silver medal

IENA 2007 Nurnberg – Silver medal

EUREKA 2007 Bruxelles – Gold Medal

AGRO ARCA 2008 Slatina – Plaque

ZLATNA KUNA 2010 - Support of a foundation "Izvorno hrvatsko"